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The Arrowhead OpEd section presents analysis and opinion on current issues and news. Editorials represent the views of a majority of The Arrowhead staff. Bylined articles are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire Arrowhead staff, the Snohomish High School student body and faculty or the Snohomish School District Board administration.

The Controversy Over Tattoos and Piercings in the Workplace

As some of our students at SHS approach their eighteenth birthdays they may be thinking about going to get tattoos or piercings. Body art is a unique way to individualize ourselves and even sometimes make a memory a permanent part of our physical appearances. What we shouldn’t have to worry about when making these decisions is whether our physical appearance will lower the probability of obtaining jobs in the workplace. Instead of discriminating against tattoos and piercings, employers should recognize diversity. READ STORY »

New Semester, New Slate

Our high school lives are broken into crucial time periods where we push and shove everything into two halves of the year, work our butts off for the highest grades, and hope our teachers recognize it. Then before you know it, the semester is over and you almost feel stopped in mid stride, and a picture is taken of your progress, then progress is in turn taken and shown to everyone around, it almost becomes a stamp of who we are. READ STORY »

Think Before You Buy: Child Labor Still Exists

Hershey's Chocolate is one of the most favorite candies that high schoolers enjoy. Our society today sees something pretty and immediately wants it, only for the look or function. So what do we do? Buy them of course! But, did you even stop to think of where those products you just purchased were made? Or how? Most of us don’t; those things don’t seem that important. READ STORY »

Mens Triathlon Should Also Be an NCAA Sport

Recently, within the past year, a big change has happened that leaves multi-sport athletes excited for the future. On December 5, 2014, USA Triathlon announced it will give $2.6 million worth of grants for Women's Triathlon Emerging Sport in order to help the establishment of NCAA women's varsity triathlon teams. The three-year grant is available to help with funding for Division I, II and III institutions/colleges to help grow women's triathlon programs at the NCAA level. READ STORY »

Is Our Food Truly Healthier?

When the 2014 school year started, some changes in our government caused changes behind the scenes at SHS. One large change was in the food sold here on campus. All schools must meet the new regulations created by the USDA’s program called Smart Snacks in Schools. READ STORY »

All Year's Resolutions

January 1 is a time when people choose something to improve on and create a New Year’s Resolution. Usually people stick to it for a couple of days, weeks or maybe a couple months. But how often do they really last? Usually they don’t last because people aren’t truly committed, they just feel they need to improve on something. READ STORY »

"No Offense"

“I bet you weigh like two pounds!” a friend jokes as we sit around the lunch table. I laugh off one of the back-handed compliments that I’ve grown used to, but think of how it’s not the first I’ve heard about my size that day. That followed by the term “no offense” are some words heard a lot on a daily basis. READ STORY »

The Stress of Finals

As the first semester draws to a close, finals week comes ever closer. The last-minute cramming for tests, the stress, the feeling of sitting in that seat, and taking a test you may or may not have a chance at passing are all feelings that we embrace when our time soon comes.

Stressing about finals is not a good idea. This is true in many cases, because as stress controls your mind, you begin to lose your train of thought and will soon forget all the material that you have so desperately been trying to remember for that fateful day. READ STORY »


What comes to mind when you hear the word feminism? Some thoughts might lead to stereotypes like aggressive woman who hate men, feminists are unfeminine, that they look down on women who lead a normal life style. This might be true for some, but you don’t have to be those stereotypes in order to be a feminist. In fact, feminism is not about any of the stereotypes stated. Feminism is not about hating men. It's not just for women and it's not a bad word. READ STORY »

Cell Phone Addictions

The last few years, people have grown to be very addicted to their phones and other electronics. For the most part, all age groups have them. Ever since smart phones have become popular, people have bought them more and more. This includes smart phones, tablets, iPods, iPads, etc. They are always being used. Some may say a little too much. People use them for not only playing games, but texting and staying in contact with their friends and family.

I believe it’s important that people should have a limit on how much they use their electronic devices because it is addictive. READ STORY »