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The Arrowhead OpEd section presents analysis and opinion on current issues and news. Editorials represent the views of a majority of The Arrowhead staff. Bylined articles are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire Arrowhead staff, the Snohomish High School student body and faculty or the Snohomish School District Board administration.

Render the Veil

Render the Veil by Moon is an album filled with haunting sounds and dark tones of depression. The album was the highly anticipated follow-up of the band's previous album The Nine Gates, which was critically acclaimed. Render the Veil came out September 11. The album consists of eleven songs, making the album roughly an hour and twelve minutes. READ STORY »

Christmas is Always Too Early

Everyone has to experience the yearly joy of Christmas starting months too early. Every single year, everyone collectively complains about the same thing. Why do stores put up Christmas decorations before Christmas? I believe it is because the stores are against us….illuminati. READ STORY »

Stupid People in Society

This article is a satirical piece. READ STORY »

The U.S. Education System is Ineffective

How is it that students go to school for 12-14 years, 5 days a week, 6 hours a day for 180 days a year, and graduate not even knowing how to pay a bill or file a tax return? The curriculum taught to students is too broad. Even in public school, students should be learning more important information than formulas, like how to calculate the mass of the moon, which a small fraction of them will use after high school. School has turned into memorizing and passing classes rather than actually learning and retaining what the student has been taught. READ STORY »

Weapon Protocols and Guidelines

In the general public, you may be walking down the street and see someone with a gun in their pocket or know that someone is carrying a knife. No town is without a shady, seedy part that is frowned upon by the rest of the community. However, in a learning environment such as a high school or any school in particular, weapons and violence are not looked upon even remotely by the administration. This may cause some acts or guilty students to be overlooked. READ STORY »

This Is NOT Equality in Sports

Coming from a strong background of athletes, sports have always been a very significant part of my life. From a young age I’ve competed in multiple sports such as basketball, soccer, and volleyball. I grew up with the tag “athlete."  READ STORY »

New standardized test does not produce enough student tears

This article is a satirical piece written by guest columnist Jonah Librande.

After a recent session, Washington State’s legislature announced plans to replace whatever the current standardized test is with one guaranteed to produce several additional eons worth of suffering. READ STORY »

Fall Choral Concert is a Success

The Fall Choral Concert was the first choir concert of the year, and was a true test of how SHS's choir program had managed without a permanent choir director this year. READ STORY »

Homecoming Week 101

Homecoming is packed full of tradition at SHS, complete with a week full of fun dress up days, a parade full of students through the town, a football game, and of course, the Homecoming dance.

For the new students, freshman, or bored upper classmen, I present to you SHS Homecoming 101- a complete description of Homecoming week so you know exactly what to expect. READ STORY »

SHS students astounded at hidden knowledge found in Health class

This article is satire.

SHS sophomores have recently expressed amazement following the unit on reproduction in their Health class.

SHS sophomore Erza Andersun, who has Health fourth period, spent all of fifth and sixth period sitting in a daze at his desk upon learning where, exactly, infants came from. READ STORY »