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The Arrowhead OpEd section presents analysis and opinion on current issues and news. Editorials represent the views of a majority of The Arrowhead staff. Bylined articles are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire Arrowhead staff, the Snohomish High School student body and faculty or the Snohomish School District Board administration.

Member of SHS English department hospitalized over break

This article is a satire piece.


Paramedics were called over break to the home of an SHS staff member who was found to be suffering from a case of miner’s lung. The cause is suspected to be the four hundred pounds of finely powdered coal dust that was found crudely dumped on top of her Christmas stocking near her fireplace, as she was apparently "naughty." READ STORY »

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review

After two showings and weeks’ worth of pondering, I can safely say that I am no closer to deciding if I loved Star Wars or not. No other movie has put me through the wringer this thoroughly and gut wrenchingly as this one. As a lifelong fan of possibly the most influential movie saga in history, and one of the few people who actually understands what the Kessel run is, I went into the theater under the impression I knew Star Wars. I came out a changed man. READ STORY »

Cartoon Remakes are Just Ridiculous

I know that everyone below the age of thirteen seems to be enjoying the many remakes of beloved cartoons, but too many people are ashamed of these blasphemous garbage remakes known as reboots.  READ STORY »

Late Season Injuries Fatal for the Seahawks?

At 8-5, the Seattle Seahawks have their eyes on what could be their third straight super bowl. Bringing a strong showing to their most recent games, the Seahawks have a statement for the NFL.

Although the Seahawks are in contention for the number one wild card seed, they still have one major roadblock in which they are faced the road ahead.

Injuries. READ STORY »

Seahawks Soar Past Vikings in a Dominating Victory

Seattle came ready to play against the Vikings on Sunday. The Vikings who led their division were handed their fourth loss of the season as the Seahawks rumbled past them with a 38-7 victory. The Seahawks remain in the driver’s seat for their own destiny the remainder of the season as they seem to be playing better now than ever before this season. READ STORY »

Bring On More Offensive Plays

The Seahawks may have lost on Sunday night, but their season is far from over. Although they lost a divisional game to the Cardinals there is still time for the Seahawks to make the playoffs. To win the division it would require quite a turnaround in the Seahawk’s season but also the Cardinals losing most the rest of their games. Seattle’s best shot at the playoffs has now become an NFC wildcard spot. READ STORY »

Fact or Fiction: Lies in Social Media

I don’t use Instagram. I’m not an instagrammer, and I don’t instagrate. That being said, as a strapping young man in high school, I’ve experienced enough of social media to have a basic understanding of it. According to the New York Times, many young people on Instagram have not one, but two Instagram profiles. The first, their main account, is where they share the more picturesque moments of their life. The second is usually only known to a select few close friends and/or family. READ STORY »

Victor Frankenstein is a Successful Reincarnation of the Original Classic

"Victor Frankenstein" is quite possibly the next cult classic, perfect for the sci-fi and horror fans, and worth the 3 hours to watch. READ STORY »

How Not to Have Bad Gaming Etiquette

When thinking about video games, do you picture a twelve-year old screaming at a screen while his/her mother cries in the corner? Or a grown adult wasting a hard earned paycheck on a “game” that is “just a waste of time?" If you do, you may be thinking about bad gaming etiquette. READ STORY »

Black Friday Should Be a National Holiday

We all know Black Friday. The day where mobs of crazy people raid the stores, like mass stampedes of plain buffalo, pushing and even hurting other people and store workers in a races for the greatest on sale things known to man! Calm down foul beasts! It’s the day after Thanksgiving, where most big stores are open extra-long hours, having the biggest sales of the year. Many people already get this day off, but it should be a national holiday for all. READ STORY »