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The Arrowhead OpEd section presents analysis and opinion on current issues and news. Editorials represent the views of a majority of The Arrowhead staff. Bylined articles are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the entire Arrowhead staff, the Snohomish High School student body and faculty or the Snohomish School District Board administration.

Permit to kill

With a new group of teenagers getting their license, many parents and students are starting to get worried (and they have a good reason to be). People have always said that women are the worst drivers, but they are looking over the key group. According to, over 5,000 teens (ages 16 thru 20) will die due to fatal injuries caused by car accidents. With statistics that high, it could be assumed that teenagers would be more careful when they get on the road, but that would be incorrect. READ STORY »

Finals: an unnecessary evil

No matter what grade you are in, as the school year is closely coming to the end students are in the process of doing finals.

Whether it’s studying for a quick test or a final project that has taken weeks to prepare for, students are cramming with some kind of final. It could be a multiple choice test or an essay or even a presentation that has to be done in front of the class, very few students can say they don’t have any finals. READ STORY »

Flaunting their assets

There are many words used to describe a girl who wears risqué clothing, the majority of them not being positive. But what is the definition of reveling clothing? According to the school dress code a reveling skirt or dress is when the length of their finger tips doesn’t reach the hem of their item of clothes while their arms are straight down at their sides. In the aspect of a tank-top, SHS dress code also says that when a student chooses to wear a tank top, the straps must be at least three fingers in width. READ STORY »

Paying the price for looking nice

Citizens of Washington State are typically less exposed to sunshine compared to their southern counterparts, and therefore tend to have a paler complexion. It is understandable that people would want to fit in with other teenagers who find darker, tanned skin more attractive and acceptable, but has tanning among the younger generation gone too far? READ STORY »

George Zimmerman escapes a well deserved fate

The Trayvon Martin case is a situation filled with lies and a mix of different stories and whether they’re true or not, the event resulted in a young man’s death. READ STORY »

EOC Testing at the end of the year

EOC (End of Course) Testing is just a week away and with the upcoming tests, also comes the stress of not knowing if you’re going to “ace the test” or just bomb it. Personally, I think that EOC Testing is just about completely pointless. I mean, you take tests in every class that is required to graduate on an almost weekly basis and then after all that, you have to stress yourself out about the EOC Tests. The state basically throws these tests in your face and forces students to do it. READ STORY »

Couples' PDA gets out of hand

Today, thousands of broadcasts and shows show sexual activities, innuendoes and a whole lot of bare skin. If sexual harassment is defined to some as unwanted sexual attention, then every couple that shows public displays of affection (PDA) could possibly be sexually harassing you. According to Melissa Metzger, PDA is “a peck on the lips, a hug or hand holding, not making out.” READ STORY »

Romantic Plays Take the Lead?

My Fair Lady, The Pajama Game and Guys and Dolls; these are just a few plays that SHS has put on. Notice that, more often than not, they're romantic comedies. So why doesn’t our school perform more serious plays instead of romantic comedies? READ STORY »

A Students Views on Coffee Corporations

Who is better, Starbucks or independent coffee shops? It all depends on the coffee drinker’s personal opinion.  Regular customers at Starbucks argue that they get faster service and consistency. Those statements are true, but I personally think the service is so fast because most of the ingredients aren’t fresh and you are not getting as good of quality. You also get consistency when you go to Starbucks, but you can also get consistency with small coffee shops, if you keep going to the same one. READ STORY »

Obama "comes out of the closet" about supporting gay marriage

Recently President Obama, in the wake of his Vice President’s embarrassing announcement, came out in favor of same sex marriages. With comments such as “Civil unions are not enough,” and “The defense of marriage act is not constitutional,” Obama has sparked his share of controversy. I’m not here to debate whether or not homosexuality is right, the real question here is whether or not his decision will have a lasting effect on the Obama campaign. READ STORY »