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Independent Living Students Take Care of Egg Babies

Lindsey Haywood's independent living students tried out a new project where students had to carry around "egg babies," pretending the egg was a baby that they had to take care of. The students used eggs instead of the normal baby dolls because Haywood's other class, child development, was using the dolls at the same time, which took precedents over independent living. READ STORY »

Breaking Down the Walls

SHS held "Breaking Down the Walls" January 13-15, where SHS sophomores and other volunteers worked to make an activity day that essentially broke down emotional barriers between students.  READ STORY »

SHS Updates it's Technology

Snohomish School District acquired 2,817 portable laptop computers. Out of the 2,817, 240 were allocated to Snohomish High School for student and classroom usage.

“As soon as teachers were done with [computer] training, the sign up calendar was filled,” said SHS teacher Kathy Purviance.

Teachers at SHS had prior struggles obtaining any time in the computer lab at the SHS library. With seven new roll-in carts holding a class set of computers, this has heavily relieved the struggles for classrooms to get computer usage time. READ STORY »

2016-2017 ASB Election Results

The results for the 2016-2017 ASB elections came in today during the beginning of second period over the intercom. Juniors Natalie Warner, Annika Roberts, Ame Bridgman and Jason Fairhurst all secured positions as officers for the next two semesters.

Results were gathered over the week while students voted from the previous Friday, January 15 to Thursday, January 21. READ STORY »

Introducing SHS's New ASB Vice President

Why do you think you're fit for this position?

I think I am a very including person, and I can't wait to incorporate that into the assemblies!

What qualities will you bring to the office?

I am an energetic person and I really care for our school, so the best interest of our student body will always come first! READ STORY »

2016-2017 Presidential Candidates

President Bryce Rail:

Why do you think you're fit for this position?

 At first I never really new why I was running for president, but then I realized the role I played at SHS. It’s important to know the duties of this position and be able to carry them out, and I plan on doing that exactly and more. READ STORY »

Introducing Your ASB Secretarys of 2016-2017

Secretary Madison Van Eyk:

How do you think you're fit for this position as secretary? READ STORY »

Annual Olympia Project 2016

Government and law students boarded buses and headed to Olympia Thursday to present the bills that they have been working on since late November.

Students gathered their binders and dressed to impress as they met with legislatures and legislative assistants to discuss things that they wish to change in Washington State. READ STORY »

ASB's MLK Assembly Differs from Previous Years

SHS' annual Martin Luther King Jr. assembly last Monday was different than ones in the past, instead using speakers from SHS rather than hiring a professional speaker for the assembly. This assembly emphasized discrimination and highlighted students' experiences with the issue.

The JROTC Color Guard presented the colors while the Crimson Singers, one of the choirs at SHS, sang the National Anthem. READ STORY »

Musical Talent Highlighted in Jam Club's Open Mic

Several musicians sang and played instruments at the Jam Clubs Open Mic during both lunches on Friday. 

“[A lunch had a]full house audience of thirty – thirty-five students,” said  Volkert Volkerz, the Jam Club advisor, "along with eight performers." Second lunch had a little bit of a smaller crowd of 15 students, and four separate performances including seniors Emmy Tyson and Shawn Arko, a couple Jam Club officers. READ STORY »