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Jimmy John's Grand Opening

Jimmy John’s will be having it's grand opening on Thursday, April 21, 11-3 pm.

As a promotion, Jimmy John's will be selling subs for $1.00 during this time, and the first 500 customers will receive a Jimmy John's drawstring backpack.

Additionally, Jimmy John's will set aside 100 free bags for high school students after 2:15. READ STORY »

SHS Science Expo Highlights Agricultural Science Department

Hundreds of displays filled the gym for Snohomish High School's fifth annual Science Expo yesterday. Agricultural science teachers Stacy Lischke and Tracy Brown students created supervised agricultural experience (SAE) projects to present to the public at the expo.

Various areas were represented throughout the expo, such as presentations of livestock, hunting techniques, and agriculture. READ STORY »

SHS Cafeteria and Commons back open

The SHS cafeteria and commons area reopened Monday, April 11, after having been closed for over a month due to signs of a rodent infestation in the kitchen ceiling.

The kitchen staff had noticed a smell coming from the ceiling of the kitchen in early March, and upon investigation, the discovery of rodent droppings was found. The kitchens and commons were immediately closed down in response to a decision from the administration. READ STORY »

Aluminati's First Robotics Competition

The 2016 First Robotics Competition (FRC) Stronghold was held at Glacier Peak High School on March 12 and 13.

The competition layout was based on the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

The SHS Robotics Club, the Aluminati, took their robot Mar-C (Most Amazing Robot of the Century) to compete in the worldwide competition for the second consecutive year. READ STORY »

Rodent Droppings Found in SHS Kitchen

Rat droppings were found in the ceiling of SHS' cafeteria and commons area on March 3.

This has changed several activities that will be happening at SHS over the next month as the commons area of G-building is closed and the main gym is being used as a cafeteria primarily.

The SHS administration, along with the school district and licensed pest control officials, are working on investigating the problem and resolving the issue. READ STORY »

The Zika Virus Is Coming Our Way

The United States could soon be in danger from a recent breakout of the Zika virus.

“It’s very alarming,” says senior Paolina Shoop.

The virus was discovered in monkeys in Uganda in 1947. It has since spread to 21 countries, even vastly moving through the North and South American continents.

The Zika virus has most recently been effecting Brazil in May 2015, and now Hawaii. READ STORY »

Junior June Lin Wins WWII Writing Contest

SHS junior June Lin recently won a WWII writing contest that she entered.

The work, entitled “Six Long Years," helped her become one of only four students that were named champions in the statewide writing competition.

The contest asked students from grades 8-11 to either write a letter to a veteran or describe what the war meant to them. READ STORY »

SHS Begins "Humans of Snohomish"

SHS ASB officers seniors Nicole Hill, Christina Deierling, and Jessamine Anderson recently created social media pages called “Humans of Snohomish” to try and spark positivity in our local community.

The purpose of the page is to recognize members of our community and to give people the opportunity to get to know other people beyond the surface level. READ STORY »

Overload of School

The stressful and rigorous finals has taken its toll on many students through the end of semester finals because of the overload of school activities that has been going on.

“I actually hate chemistry so much” said junior Keiara Windom.

The stress load from finals have been over bearing on some students, especially for newly coming in freshman since they are not used to the rigorous course load of high school transitioning out of middle school. READ STORY »

Every Student Succeeds

 The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) was signed into office by President Obama on December 2015.

This act replaces the NCLB (No Child Left Behind), which was established in August of this year. The ESSA is going to change many things about schools all across the country. READ STORY »