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SHS Recieves Award from Foreign Exchange Student

Every year SHS hosts a wide variety of exchange students from across the world. People may see them in the halls but may not even know their names or who they are, which sometimes makes it difficult for students to realize that they aren’t from this little town of Snohomish. READ STORY »

Biotech Battle

Any idea trypanosoma brucei parasites are? Ask Senior Gabby Wilson—she’d be happy to teach you. Literally. Wilson has spent months researching them and preparing a presentation for the 2012 Student Bio Expo. Wilson is one of twenty SHS students heading to Bellevue to show off her project in the Bio Expo on May 24. READ STORY »

Students get new perspective on history in a different kind of history class

AP students and non-AP students alike jogged with anticipation across the football field on a cold Thursday morning on March 22, 2012. These students of Mr. McPherson at SHS describe his class as “hard” but “awesome.” READ STORY »