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Community Says Goodbye to SHS Senior

Snohomish said good-bye to senior Ryan Seek on Monday night, crowding around the large rock on Highway Nine to wish Seek’s family well and to paint the rock with memories and sayings coined by SHS students, community members, and Seek himself.

Seek died in a motorbike accident Saturday afternoon, after colliding head-on with a pickup truck. Senior Reggie Wight's father attempted to revive Seek, but to no avail. READ STORY »

2018-2019 ASB Officers Announced

It was announced Friday that the five new ASB student body officers would be juniors Javon Hinton, Rachel Groome, Emma Lever, Jenna Baker, and Maya DuChesne as president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and public relations officer respectively.

The new officers will be inducted at the ASB Senate meeting on February 7, and will hold their position until the end of first semester of the 2018-2019 school year. READ STORY »

Students Create "Gingerbread Cities"

Snohomish High School's Foods and Nutrition class participated in the sixth annual gingerbread house contest Friday, December 15, shortly before winter break began.

Each of the three classes made their own cities, rather than multiple in each class, which was a departure from previous years.

Student leaders were also chosen to be the "city directors" and assign certain tasks for each student to complete, which was also different than past years.   READ STORY »

Music During Passing Period for Snohomish High School Winter Spirit Week

The bell for first period rings on Monday, December 8 and the students of Snohomish High School are met with a familiar tune over the intercom. "Baby it’s Cold Outside" plays to fit the schools "bundle up" spirit day.

"It's the first time we had tried something like this" says ASB President senior Wyatt Watkins. It was a student driven idea, taken in charge mostly by activities director Vince Ivelia's third period "Engage" team. READ STORY »

Assistant Principal Barker Begins Academic Learning Lab

Snohomish High School is now offering an after-school academic lab for all students.

Assistant principal Greg Barker started the program in mid-October to help students with support and to prepare participating students with upcoming tests they may be having or assignments given to them.

Snohomish’s librarian assistant Jennifer Whitney states that there is an average of “one to four students attending the lab every day." READ STORY »

Fake money found at the Crucible

During a production of the play "The Crucible", students from Snohomish High School and the North West Private High School gathered to see went down to the ACT theater in Seattle to see the novel they had been reading in-class encated live onstage. READ STORY »

SHS Theatre Presents "A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley"

The Snohomish High School Theatre Club opens their production of “A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley” this Friday, December 1, with evening shows and matinees through next week, ending on December 9.

Evening shows begin at 7pm, while matinee showings start at 1pm on Saturdays.

This play is directed by Scott Randall, who is the artistic director for the Red Curtain Foundation, a theatre group in Marysville.

This is the first time in several years that a professional director has been hired for an SHS production. READ STORY »

Freshman and Replacement Judicial Branch Members Elected

The SHS Associated Student Body (ASB) Senate elected new members to the judicial branch as part of the freshmen and senior classes today during Panther Period. 

Freshmen Heath Fagerness and Megan Marshall were elected for the first time for their class judiciary. 

Senior Connor Whitelock was elected to replace the vacant seat of the senior class judiciary.   READ STORY »

Darkroom Removed from Photography Class

The darkroom in the photography class used for developing film and prints was removed at the beginning of the school year due to lack of funding and comments from the health department.

Schools across the country are granted vocational funds, or federal funds for classes that teach principles that can later be used in a career, and since there is no longer a vast career field in film photography, the funds have been cut off. READ STORY »

Araceli Daza Crowned 2017 Homecoming Queen

On Monday, October 16, the SHS student body gathered in the main gym for the annual 2017 homecoming coronation assembly. The Panthers continue the tradition by showing up in "snazzy" attire as part of the week's spirit theme.

Alumni homecoming queen Lacey Campbell, who graduated in 2008, was the guest speaker and was escorted by Snohomish Panther football player Jaden McClure, who had the highest grade point average of the team at 3.97. READ STORY »