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Four New Faces

There’s an exciting addition to this year’s SHS wrestling team; four female wrestlers. These girls include Junior Natalie St. Marie, Seniors Kayla Noyes, Courtney Rogers, and Esmeralda Bonilla. From looking at these good-looking and petite girls, you wouldn’t guess that they are tough wrestlers who dedicate countless hours working towards improving their skills for their newfound love of the sport. READ STORY »

It's a Family Affair in the SHS Basketball Program

Twelve pairs of siblings are part of the girls and boys Snohomish basketball program this year. There are two pairs of sisters, four pairs of brothers and six pairs of brothers and sisters. Players include, Callie Harwood (12), Shaylee Harwood (10), Joshua Shogren (12), Jacob Shogren (10), Will Layton (11), Jess Layton (9). All the players will be playing on the Freshman, JV or Varsity team for the SHS 2013-2014 girls and boys basketball season. READ STORY »

Mary Birdsong: Now and Then

Most know Mary Birdsong from the well-loved, if outrageous, television show Reno 911! as Deputy Cherisha Kimball. But prior to her acting career, she was very timid.  “When I was about five or six, I was crippling shy. So I started imitating people, doing characters, as a way to kind of ‘not be there’,” Birdsong said. READ STORY »

Doctor Who 50th anniversary special brings together Whovians around the world

It all started on November 23, 1963. That was the day that Doctor Who, a science fiction show created by Britain-based television network BBC, aired for the first time.

It was originally supposed to be an educational show. The mysterious alien (though human in appearance) called The Doctor, traveling through time and space in his bigger-on-the-inside, police box-shaped space ship called the TARDIS, brought his granddaughter and two schoolteachers along with him on his adventures, informing adult and children viewers alike of events throughout history. READ STORY »

Freshman Advice

Coming to a new school can be difficult for many kids and especially difficult for freshmen. A new school, new kids, and new teachers can be intimidating and what better then to hear advice from the people who have been through the whole process before? Here is a list of five pieces of advice freshman need to know when coming in to high school.

1. Go to activities outside of school READ STORY »

Running through life

The big move: At the beginning of her junior year, cross country runner Esmeralda Bonilla transferred from her old school in California to SHS. She had heard from her sister, who lives here, that the education was good and the people were nice. She wanted to try something new and cares deeply about learning, so she moved to Washington and started her junior year at SHS. READ STORY »

Geek Fortress on Avenue D

On May 4, most people treat the day just as they would any other day, going through the motions. Fewer people take the day to show their love for the, incredibly popular, Star Wars trilogies. But for one man in Snohomish, this day changed his life and opened up a new world of hilarious opportunity. READ STORY »

SHS has a Pinteresting new club

Start saving your glitter and tissue boxes, there is a new club in town. Started by a bunch of students at SHS, Pinterest club seems to be the new hit. Baking and making crafts are not everyone's forte but in Pinterest club anything is possible. READ STORY »

Cosplay coming to SHS

The loud crashing noises from the action-packed “Attack on Titan” can be heard throughout second floor D-building every Monday after school. Students in amazing cosplay make their way into English teacher Tim Frasier-Bumatay’s classroom where they all share a common fascination with anime. “I love the people here,” Junior Sybil Feidler, an Anime club member, said. READ STORY »

Queen Annie takes the Reign

Annie Crookshank was announced as this year’s Homecoming Queen, much to her surprise and delight. “I didn’t know what to say, I forgot what I was supposed to do, and Shelby [Garrison] had to push me up there. She was like ‘go!’ and I was like, ‘oh, yeah, thanks’ -- completely forgot,” she said. READ STORY »