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Snohomish's Talented Musician

The student body of Snohomish High School is bursting with creativity. Within the mass of artists of different medias, one particularly shy musician stands out from the rest. READ STORY »

High School Librarian with a lot of Talent

Volkert Volkersz, the school's librarian and Jam Club advisor, is a man of many musical talents. He plays the guitar and harmonica, and is also a singer. As the Jam Club members know, he is very into his music. “Music is my passion, it’s the thread that keeps me sane,” said Volkersz. READ STORY »

A Local Princess With a Unique Talent

On the outside looking in, Lake Stevens student Haley Downey looks like any regular senior in high school; she is involved in ASB Leadership, and has a spot on the cheer team. What some people may not be aware of is this 18-year-old girl represented our state in 2013 in search of a national title. READ STORY »

Ways to Save and Acquire Money for Holiday Shopping

The Holidays are approaching quickly, and SHS students need to start thinking about the purchases that will be made. Without money saved for buying presents, we could be scrambling to make a few dollars before the splurge at the mall, or we risk spending our entire savings online. Here are a few quick and easy ways to make and manage money:

1. Get a Job READ STORY »

The Girl Who Collects Quotes

Kaitlin Anderson, a Snohomish High School student, has a weird hobby. She collects funky quotes that she hears her friends and family say.

She decided to start collecting these quotes because she was at her friend’s birthday party, and the girls at the party started saying random things. She started writing down what they were saying so she would be able to look back and have a laugh about what her and her friends used to say. READ STORY »

The Benefits of the SHS Library

The internet has impacted many things in our world, and for students, an area that has been impacted greatly are the libraries.

The internet has changed the way we can read and checkout books from libraries. For example, eBooks are available for checkout at the Snohomish Public Library, along with audiobooks. Audiobooks will be available soon for our library on campus, and possibly also eBooks, according to the SHS Librarian Volkert Volkersz.  READ STORY »

Danyka Tagg

With all smiles and a caring heart, SHS Senior Danyka Tagg has a talent that most wouldn’t suspect. Peers walking throughout the halls see this student in the yearbook room and in the PAC every once in a while for Jam Club, but this girl does a little more than that after 2:12 when the bell rings. Being a leader for the yearbook, Danyka is great at editing and taking pictures to help represent her school. READ STORY »

Matt Johnson Gets Married

Matt Johnson, a teacher at Snohomish High School, got married to his fiancé this past Friday, December 5, 2014.

Johnson and his bride, Jenny Pinnell, were married this past weekend at the Rose Hill Community Center in Mukilteo.

“The reason why we’re getting married there is because our first date was in Mukilteo, down at the Diamond Knot. We went and got some pizza together, and our date ended at the lighthouse.” READ STORY »

Trotting Her Stuff

Ciara Benson, senior, is not only a talented Cross Country and Track athlete, as well as a participant in our school band, she also rides horses. She has been riding horses since she was very young, just for fun with her family. Ciara started riding horses competitively when she was only eight-years-old. The event she typically takes part in is eventing, “which is dressage, show-jumping, and cross country,” says Benson. READ STORY »

Super Staff: Master Sergeant Reuben Urquidez, JROTC teacher

Master Sergeant Reuben Urquidez recently began instructing in the JROTC program at Snohomish High School in December of 2013. After serving 22 years in the Marine Corp, he still continues to serve his country by better preparing students for a career in the military.

Q: When did you begin working at SHS?

A: December of last year.

Q: What brought you to SHS? READ STORY »