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Winter Weather Wrecks

As the temperatures begin to drop, car accident rates begin to rise. Along with dropping temperatures comes other issues that begin to fall; sleet, hail, freezing rain and snow. These weather conditions pose a very dangerous threat on all roads. But how much can you truly blame the weather? Although conditions make it extremely difficult to operate vehicles it is also important that drivers are being cautious and that your vehicles are equipped and ready for winter. READ STORY »

How to Protect Yourself from the new flu virus

Flu season is here again, and stronger this year than previous years. It was expected to be more serious this year, because the flu strain didn’t match up with the flu vaccine.

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 43 states are having extensive flu virus activity. So far this flu season, 21 children have died from the flu. Flu deaths only have to be reported if the patient is under 18, so it is unknown how many adult deaths there have been. READ STORY »

Generation Kind Club

Many people have experienced bullying at some point in their life, no matter the age. Coming from experience, a Snohomish High School student, Senior Bonnie Greer, is making a change. READ STORY »

SHS's Musical Librarian

Volkert Volkersz is more than the librarian at SHS. He also leads Jam Club, a club for aspiring musicians to come, share their music and jam with others.

“Jam Club is a place for young people who are interested in music to find a safe place to swap music, share music, and to jam,” said Volkersz.

Jam Club all started when Volkersz heard a former student, Vincent Allis, playing guitar.

“We just started jamming after school and then his friends started coming. And that was the beginning,” said Volkersz. READ STORY »

Comparing the school systems in Russia and the U.S.

I want to tell you about some the most noticeable differences between Russian and American educational systems. First of all, I’d like to emphasis on the fact that there is no education system that can be called universally best. Every country establishes its own unique education system.

There is no percentage in your grades.

Your grade can be 2 through 5. Russia doesn’t use letters.

Your parents are not involved in your academics. READ STORY »

Are Apps Helpful?

iPhones are always being used and it’s all for the apps. There is 1.2 million apps available to the U.S. right now. In 2013, there were only about 100,000 apps total in the app store. But the U.S. isn’t the only place iPhone apps are popular. They are popular all around the world. READ STORY »

Student gets "full ride" scholarship for horseback riding

Many student athletes get a full ride scholarship to college but Graysen Stroud literally got a “full ride” when she signed with the University of Georgia for to ride on the NCAA Women’s Equestrian Team. READ STORY »

Two students complete over 500 hours of community service

The Dynamic Duo Christina Deierling and Jessamine Anderson (both juniors), have accumulated enormous amounts of Community Service within the past few years. They both started doing community service at a young age, and were involved in a lot of church community service events. Deierling has been involved for her whole life, and her dad works as a director at a food bank. Anderson has also been doing community service her whole life, also involved through Church. READ STORY »

Fun things to do on Winter Break

For those of you students who plan on staying in and watching Netflix through your whole winter vacation, here are some quick tips for some fun, useful, and inexpensive things you can do instead!

1. Go ice skating with friends. Comcast arena has a public ice rink, it’s close to Snohomish and it’s inexpensive. This is the perfect winter activity because you only have to be cold for an hour. READ STORY »

Tim Kostersitz

Tim Kostersitz is a junior at SHS with a particularly interesting hobby: collecting and repairing old typewriters. Kostersitz says he doesn't know why he got into his hobby; he was just always fascinated with the technology. His dad taught him everything he knows about engineering and has been keeping up with his hobby for about three years. He says he has fixed about six to ten typewriters total. READ STORY »