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Kourtney Holten

As November sprung upon the school, most kids were looking forward to the time spent with family and the turkey dinner to come, however that was not the case for Senior Kourtney Holten. Although Holten saw November and Thanksgiving break as a time spent with family, she saw it in a different way. As students sat in classes during the short week before Thanksgiving, Holten was in Idaho hunting for nine days with her family. READ STORY »

Snohomish High School's Technical Underground

Snohomish High School has allowed a great number of clubs to take shape over the past few months. Some appeal to athletes, others to students who want to give back to society. There are clubs for everything at SHS, and now we can add robotics to the long list of extra-curricular activities that the school welcomes with open arms.

Club admissions to SHS are carried out through the ASB senate. The Robotics club was presented, voted upon and approved by the senate in October, and has been active before it was even officially a club. READ STORY »

The Marines of SHS

Snohomish High School is known for the traditions it holds and the people it empowers. As a school, it makes people who they are, it gives them the tools they need to succeed, and offers a variety of courses for students to pursue their whims and their dreams. The MCJROTC program at SHS does just that, along with a lot more. READ STORY »

Catering Class Becomes A Job

Have you ever had a passion for cooking? Start taking cooking classes at school! You can start in basic foods and nutrition classes and work your way up through advanced culinary arts and into a catering class.

Here at Snohomish High School, Linsey Haywood teaches many foods classes. Her most advanced class would be her catering foods class. In this class they make mass amounts of different foods including desserts that they take to different events in the community outside of school. READ STORY »

Pure Wrestling Talent

Wyatt Butler, a junior at SHS, has had an exceptional high school athletic career that has amazed many people. Butler was one of the lucky young men to travel with the wrestling team to the Tacoma Dome for the State wrestling tournament during his freshman and sophomore years- an incredible accomplishment. The excitement of placing in state as a freshman slipped through Butlers fingers by one match. Sadly, the same situation happened sophomore year, once again making him one match away from placing in state. READ STORY »

Alice: A "Wonder"ful Production!

The Snohomish High School Drama Club has done it again with yet another tremendous production. Their modern rendition of “Alice in Wonderland” is both engaging and quite entertaining.

The play is a perfect balance of the timeless Disney movie and the nineteenth century novel written by Lewis Carroll. With several short, dynamic scenes, the play flows quickly and smoothly. Packed with loud outbursts and fits of giggles, everyone in Wonderland is mad with excitement: and it really shows! READ STORY »

Horticulture makes science hands-on

The Horticulture classes at Snohomish High School are an interesting way to both earn your science credits and be closer with nature.

Plant Biology and Advanced Plant Biology are both taught by Tracy Brown. Plant Biology is an introductory course to horticulture and an entertaining yet challenging way to earn the required Science credits at SHS. The Advanced Plant Biology class is a more in-depth class that is project oriented and delves into the art and science of plants on an extensive level. READ STORY »

Clash of Clans Storms into SHS

Many new clubs have been inducted into the halls of SHS this year, but one club that truly stormed into SHS is the Clash of Clans club.

The Clash of Clans club is new to SHS this year, and a couple times a month, students will wander into, math teacher, Dave Martina's classroom during Panther Period to pull out their phones and warp themselves to a whole new world. READ STORY »

ASB Vice President Candidates

Gabby Duran

  1. When did you decide to run for vice president?

“I have been thinking about it lately and then Mr. Ivelia asked if I was going to; so that made me decide to.” READ STORY »

ASB President Candidates

Christina Deirling

  1. When did you decide to run for president?

"Seventh grade."

  1. What do you want to do outside of Snohomish High School after graduation?

“One year of mission trips, then attend either UW or a college in California for leadership and business.” READ STORY »