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Horticulture makes science hands-on

The Horticulture classes at Snohomish High School are an interesting way to both earn your science credits and be closer with nature.

Plant Biology and Advanced Plant Biology are both taught by Tracy Brown. Plant Biology is an introductory course to horticulture and an entertaining yet challenging way to earn the required Science credits at SHS. The Advanced Plant Biology class is a more in-depth class that is project oriented and delves into the art and science of plants on an extensive level. READ STORY »

Clash of Clans Storms into SHS

Many new clubs have been inducted into the halls of SHS this year, but one club that truly stormed into SHS is the Clash of Clans club.

The Clash of Clans club is new to SHS this year, and a couple times a month, students will wander into, math teacher, Dave Martina's classroom during Panther Period to pull out their phones and warp themselves to a whole new world. READ STORY »

ASB Vice President Candidates

Gabby Duran

  1. When did you decide to run for vice president?

“I have been thinking about it lately and then Mr. Ivelia asked if I was going to; so that made me decide to.” READ STORY »

ASB President Candidates

Christina Deirling

  1. When did you decide to run for president?

"Seventh grade."

  1. What do you want to do outside of Snohomish High School after graduation?

“One year of mission trips, then attend either UW or a college in California for leadership and business.” READ STORY »

SHS Swimmers Carefully Prepare for their Meets

SHS and GPHS swimmers are always hard working, no matter what the task. There are a few steps to being a great swimmer. The most important thing is the swimmers have to practice, practice, and practice! The pool may be fun, but it’s also a challenge.

These teams practice at the Snohomish Aquatic Center. They have a cycle that they go through each day. First, they eat, and then they get in their suits. The next thing they do is stretch, because stretching is extremely important. READ STORY »

Keep Calm and Study: Ways to Study for Finals

We all know that school can be pretty stressful with homework, sports, and different events and with finals coming up, the stress can get even worse. Here are some ways to de-stress and study in order to stay calm and ace finals.

1.) Reorganize your notes. Highlight important ideas using different colors, so that as you flip through your notes the colors will catch your eye. As you review notes, you’ll also be studying. It’s a good way to review what is important, what your main topics are, and what you need to focus on. READ STORY »

The Truth about AIM High School

Forget all the rumors about AIM; it isn't for the drop-outs and expelled. In fact, AIM doesn't let anyone in who was expelled or long term suspended. The reason people go to AIM has changed a lot over the years, and June Shirey, the principal of AIM for 19 years, has witnessed that change first hand. READ STORY »

Super Staff: Athletic Trainer Sara Larson

Sara Larson has been the head Athletic Trainer at SHS for 17 years, and is in charge of getting our athletes back to their respective sports as quickly as possible after an injury.

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: I got my Bachelors of Arts Degree at Montana State University while on a skiing scholarship, and I got my Masters of Science Degree at San Jose State University. I was a graduate student stipend for working as a student athletic trainer. READ STORY »

School Resource Officer returns

A familiar face returned to Snohomish this Monday, January 5. A previous Snohomish graduate, Officer Charlie Frati returned on campus, working as our School Resource Officer. He had been an SRO at Snohomish previously, and facility and students are glad to have him back. READ STORY »

Spoken Word Poetry

Alex Zwarts, a senior at SHS, has a hobby that isn't commonly heard of around the school: Spoken Word Poetry. Spoken Word Poetry is when a poem is used as a piece for performance art, you perform in front of an audience and you are judged for the writing of the piece, the way you perform it and if it conveys strong emotion. READ STORY »