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New Clubs for a New Year

Many new clubs have begun to take shape at Snohomish High School this year. Some deal with political views and various religions, while others are bringing about new outlooks on old ideas. For the Rail twins, this has been and will be the legacy they leave behind at SHS when they graduate next year. READ STORY »

Differences in Generations?

Cell phones, computers, and watching T.V., all commonplace for our generation. The 2000’s has proven to be captivated by technological advancements. The modern generation is plagued with new problems and issues that have been passed down from generations prior, perhaps creating high expectations for the newly founded generation. There are many factors which separate millennial's from other other generations such new technology and newly arising conflicts around the world. READ STORY »

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" Turns 50

Christmas time is here! One of America’s most beloved Christmas time traditions, “A Charlie Brown Christmas," had its 50th anniversary on Monday, November 30. Good grief! This Charles Schulz classic has been loved by young and old alike since its first television debut on November 30, 1965.

“[I remember] watching it as a family every holiday season, enjoying the Peanuts singing Christmas carols, and Charlie Brown picking out the tree,” said Char Elliot, 50. READ STORY »

A Staff Full of Panthers

Snohomish High School was established in 1894 and has been the stomping ground for many students since its opening. Over the course of 121 years, thousands of students each year have come to SHS to learn about what they will do with the rest of their lives. It is not out of the ordinary for some of these inspired students to want to return to SHS and build a legacy as a staff member of the school they have their diploma from. READ STORY »

It happens to 48%, but less than a quarter talk about it

In US high schools, nearly 48% of students experience some form of sexual harassment. READ STORY »

Dungeons and Dragons Comes to SHS

Games have recently become the newest club trend at Snohomish High School. With last year’s Clash of Clans and League of Legends clubs, multiple-person games are becoming more and more popular. Most recently, the Dungeons and Dragons club has been established in the midst of many clubs here at SHS. READ STORY »

Foreign Exchange Students at SHS

With the new school year, there are several foreign exchange students at SHS that come from many different countries.

These students are here through the organization CHI, or Cultural Homestay International, which is a foreign exchange program designed to “carefully match international exchange students with wonderful American host families and U.S. high schools,” as said on their website. READ STORY »

Check-List for College Bound Juniors

There are so many things that you have to look forward in the next few years, but there are also some things that you might not be too familiar with quite yet. Here is a guide to things you can start doing now to prepare yourself. READ STORY »

Kourtney Holten

As November sprung upon the school, most kids were looking forward to the time spent with family and the turkey dinner to come, however that was not the case for Senior Kourtney Holten. Although Holten saw November and Thanksgiving break as a time spent with family, she saw it in a different way. As students sat in classes during the short week before Thanksgiving, Holten was in Idaho hunting for nine days with her family. READ STORY »

Snohomish High School's Technical Underground

Snohomish High School has allowed a great number of clubs to take shape over the past few months. Some appeal to athletes, others to students who want to give back to society. There are clubs for everything at SHS, and now we can add robotics to the long list of extra-curricular activities that the school welcomes with open arms.

Club admissions to SHS are carried out through the ASB senate. The Robotics club was presented, voted upon and approved by the senate in October, and has been active before it was even officially a club. READ STORY »