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Link Crew Welcomes the Class of 2021

The first day of school meant the arrival of a new class to SHS, and with that their introduction to the campus by ninety Link Leaders, alongside teachers Sheryln Umperovitch and Ryan Gadwa.

Activities coordinator Vince Ivelia and principal Eric Cahan also greeted students during the assembly on Wednesday, promoting Panther pride and the importance of getting involved.

"It's an important program to get our freshmen hooked in at the very beginning," says Umperovitch. "It's a way to connect with students outside of the classroom." READ STORY »

Get To Know Yasmina El-Watar

Yasmina El-Watar has taught at Snohomish High School for the past two years.

When in high school she attended Saint Joseph de l'apparition. This is a historic institute that has existed for over 166 years, established in 1847. It was founded by the five sisters of the Malta house in Beirut. El-Watar described this catholic, all-girls school as very strict. No sandals were allowed without socks and uniforms could not be above the knee. Yet, she has happy memories of her early school years with her friends, with whom she had a lot of fun (and drama). READ STORY »

Meeting Eric Cahan, SHS' New Principal

Eric Cahan joins SHS for the second time as the principal for the 2016-2017 school year, following the footsteps of his friend and former colleague Dr. Beth Porter. He had joined the SHS faculty for the first time in 1996 in the English department, where he was also the advisor for the yearbook, as well as coached football, wrestling, and track. READ STORY »

The Class of 1946 Celebrates 70 Years!

The summer sun didn’t stop the SHS class of 1946 from celebrating their seventy-year reunion this past Thursday, August 18, at the Buzz Inn Diner in Snohomish.

Put together by Max Weed, an SHS alumni from 1946, the reunion was small and simple, under a white tent on the patio where alumni and their loved ones greeted each other wholeheartedly and sat down to swap stories and cherish those around them who lived to celebrate and those who had sadly passed before the seventieth anniversary of their graduation. READ STORY »

SHS's Retiring Staff Members

Over the years Snohomish High School has been blessed with a number of great teachers and staff members who have touched the lives of many students. These people have not only shared their knowledge with students but have also inspired, encouraged, mentored and been role models for them. When these people choose to move on or retire it can bring mixed emotions for all involved. READ STORY »

Dr. Porter announces she's leaving SHS

After being the principal for eight years, Dr. Beth Porter announced that she would be leaving SHS to become the Director of Human Resources in Renton County.

“The easiest way I can explain it is it’s like I am the assistant principal of the HR department,” said Porter. “I have duties regarding how the HR runs, how our online programs work, our subs, applications, any employee investigations if there was a complaint. I will do a huge variety of things.” READ STORY »

Senior Mothers Tea

The Snohomish High School, Senior Mother Tea, was held May 6, in the Commons.   The Mother’s Tea was attended by over 150 moms and seniors.  The event provided seniors with the opportunity the begin celebrating an early Mother’s Day with their moms.  When the seniors and their moms arrived they were given the opportunity to have their pictures taken to commemorate the day. 

Attendees were welcomed by the emcees, Jess Harris and Kincaid Norris, both juniors who serve as officers for their class. READ STORY »

March Madness Meets Canned Food Drive

Its that time of year again. SHS is hosting their annual food drive to benefit the Snohomish Food Bank and its recipients. READ STORY »

The Osiris Challenge

The senior mythology classes taught by Linda Sparks and Kinga Thomas are participating in what they call the "Osiris Challenge," where they are encouraged to get involved in a curriculum-incorporated scavenger hunt around the school. 


Man Power vs. Horsepower

To celebrate National FFA Week, Snohomish High School decided to have a little competition- Man Power vs. Horsepower.  READ STORY »