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Emmy winning alumnus visits SHS

On  Friday, May 4, SHS was visited by one of their more famous alumni. Emmy winner Sean Hintz, class of 1995, had given a speech at the Fankhauser Departmental Scholars Award Ceremony the night before. Hintz toured campus, which he remarked was “so completely different,” and talked to the Journalism class about his success. READ STORY »

Video Game Addiction Plagues Teenagers

In the last few years, video games have become more and more popular to the younger generation. According to a poll taken in 2007, out of 1,178 teens in the US, eight point five percent of them were found to be addicted to video games. There are a number of possible reasons of why teens (and young adults) could be addicted. It could be that they are devoted to beating every level of every game or it could be a way to simply relieve stress. READ STORY »

Davis heads to state

Hundreds of eager musicians ranging from middle school to high school students gathered on Saturday, February 11, at Cascade High School to participate in the Solo Ensemble Competition put together by the Mount Pilchuck Music Educators Association.  Among these lucky individuals is Tom Davis, sophomore, of Snohomish High School. READ STORY »