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SHS student "handles" her own

Snohomish High School is full of animal lovers of many kinds, but one senior combined that love and determination to accomplish something incredible.

Pearson has been working with dogs since she was a little girl.

"I started showing dogs long before I started 4-H. I was born into it, and the first time I went in the ring was when I was two," she said.

She is in the Snohomish County 4-H club "Pawsabilities", and has been in the 4-H program for a long time. READ STORY »

Painting to the beat of a different drummer

Color splatters the ground while the scent of paint wafts through the air. Various designs cover the floor as a girl in paint covered clothing works tirelessly on her creation that covers the vast majority of the ground. Most people use their garage for storage or for tools, but not Alexis Marcouiller. When a mural or big project is underway, the area transforms into an area of creation.

Though Marcouiller enjoys many activities, from music to roller derby, it is art that holds a significant place in her life. READ STORY »

Agriculture department attends conference after winning national award

 The Agriculture Department of Snohomish High School received the Outstanding Agricultural Program for Western Region One from the National Association of Agriculture Educators for the year of 2012.

Michael Hougan, who has been in the department for 26 years, shared that the school’s agriculture program is “one of the best in terms of scope, what we offer, opportunities for students, and educational opportunities. It’s a pretty well regarded program.” READ STORY »

New teacher Matt Johnson inspires a new generation of CTE students

Walking down the stairs to D building’s lowest level, there is a forceful array of sounds drowning out the chatter and footfalls of students walking above. Following the buzzing and rumbling of machining equipment leads to a classroom where students are measuring and calculating dimensions, compressing sheets of carbon fiber, and cutting it out to fit the prints. The room looks more like a professional shop than a high school class, but in a class where the teaching and the equipment are at a professional caliber, perhaps that shouldn’t be a surprise. READ STORY »

Fashion through the 2000’s

From 2000 to 2012 the women’s fashion world has seen not only sophisticated, but also daring new trends.  Ranging from faux furs to combat boots, several designers including Pnina Tornai and Giorgio Armani say the 2000’s have been fashion’s greatest years yet. READ STORY »

Climbing to the top

The musty smell of chalk and sweat lingered in the air as Snohomish High School senior Mackenzie Kennedy-Hubler entered “Vertical World”, her rock climbing gym.

“When I first get to the gym I’m kind of like, wow, I can’t believe this is something I actually do,” Kennedy-Hubler said.

Kennedy-Hubler was introduced to climbing by a friend during the summer of 2011, and continued to climb since.  READ STORY »

Just horsing around

Snohomish High School contains an array of unique and talented students.  Senior Emma Johnson has contributed to this in her own way.

In addition to her day to day life, Johnson has also taken up a hobby that some might just find to be a bit frightening.  Johnson has been riding horses since “before she could walk”.

“Horseback riding is just part of who Emma is.  Without it I really don’t think she would be who she is today.” Senior Marin Jacobson said. READ STORY »

Upcoming Changes to Lischke's Kadybrook Farm

The economy is tough these days and it’s hitting some harder than others. Bothell’s Kadybrook Farm, which belongs to one of our favorite teachers, Stacy Lischke’s hobby farm. The farm is being moved to a different location in seven weeks, after she got a nine week notice that 16 houses would be put on their Kadybrook farm. READ STORY »

Oscar the Truck Keeps Tradition Alive

SHS is full of many different types of traditions which the students and staff members look forward to keeping alive. But a couple of students spent this year bringing tradition back in a big way. READ STORY »

Surprising improvement for Owl City's latest EP

Ever since the release of “Fireflies”, which sold over 3 million copies, Owl City has been a household name. The fantastic lyrics, soft techno beats and chip tune base of Owl City’s first big album “Ocean Eyes” instantly set this one man band apart from the rest of the music scene.  However, the album was not without its problems. In many songs including “Hello Seattle” and “Tip of the Iceberg” the singing was heavily auto tuned and therefore lacked individuality. READ STORY »