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Presenting the 2018 Candidates for ASB Vice President

ASB elections are one of the most exciting and competitive times of the year at Snohomish High School, with this year being especially unprecedented as there are five junior candidates running for the same position, which in past years has not been common.

One of the most important roles in office is vice president. Not only is the “VP” the president’s right hand person, he/she is in charge of overseeing all of the school’s assemblies that take place throughout the year with help from ASB leadership. READ STORY »

Gingers: A Dying Breed

According to researchers, we have an epidemic on our hands, and it affects us all. Studies suggest the recessive ginger gene may be exterminated in as soon as a hundred years. The horror of this possible reality is too much for many to bear. READ STORY »

Yearbook Dallas Trip

Is everything bigger and better in Texas? Six yearbook students from Snohomish High headed to Dallas to find out. At the Yearbook and Journalism Convention, students learned techniques, ideas and inspiration to bring back home to their yearbook.

Due to a lot of fundraising the students only had to pay $200 and the students also got a traditional Texas dinner compliments of the school.

They stayed at the Omi Hotel and even though they were very busy the students still thought it was a “nice” and “beautiful” hotel. READ STORY »

The Trend That Always Comes Back- Birkenstocks

Some may not understand the Birkenstock trend, but they are making a comeback in the fashion world.

Birkenstocks first became popular in the 90's but the brand can be traced back to 1774. The shoe brand first started out making foot bed inserts. Almost 200 years later, the first Birkenstock sandal was introduced by Konrad Birkenstock, great- great- grandson of the creator, Johann Adam Birkenstock. READ STORY »

Winter Band Concert Dazzles with Holiday Tunes

Joe Boertmann, director of the SHS band classes, started off the annual winter band concert on December 14 by strutting in with a lightsaber in one hand and his music in the other. He did this with strength and vigor in the hopes of having a good concert, and to highlight his passion for pop culture and the recent Star Wars movie that released in theaters December 15. READ STORY »

Coffee Talk

The Veterans Day Standard

As many students know, Veterans Day is a big deal at Snohomish High School. The stadium which sits on the northeast corner of campus is known as Veterans Memorial Stadium even, to honor all of the Panthers that have fallen in war. Every year, Snohomish organizes a Veterans Day Assembly, but this year was a special one. 

The Associated Student Body (ASB) chooses to run this assembly each year because it meant a lot to someone very important to the students at SHS. READ STORY »

An Inside Look: Araceli Daza, 2017 Homecoming Queen

As Araceli Daza wakes up in the morning to the “The Circle of Life” from Disney’s “The Lion King” as her alarm, she “feels pumped up, even though you shouldn’t be because you’re waking up”. Araceli attends school as a senior, and goes to class like every other student. She attends a bunch of clubs, such as FCCLA, FBLA, Senate, and is a drum major for band. However, Araceli is a bit different than the rest of the student body, however. READ STORY »

Link Crew Welcomes the Class of 2021

The first day of school meant the arrival of a new class to SHS, and with that their introduction to the campus by ninety Link Leaders, alongside teachers Sheryln Umperovitch and Ryan Gadwa.

Activities coordinator Vince Ivelia and principal Eric Cahan also greeted students during the assembly on Wednesday, promoting Panther pride and the importance of getting involved.

"It's an important program to get our freshmen hooked in at the very beginning," says Umperovitch. "It's a way to connect with students outside of the classroom." READ STORY »

Get To Know Yasmina El-Watar

Yasmina El-Watar has taught at Snohomish High School for the past two years.

When in high school she attended Saint Joseph de l'apparition. This is a historic institute that has existed for over 166 years, established in 1847. It was founded by the five sisters of the Malta house in Beirut. El-Watar described this catholic, all-girls school as very strict. No sandals were allowed without socks and uniforms could not be above the knee. Yet, she has happy memories of her early school years with her friends, with whom she had a lot of fun (and drama). READ STORY »