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Introducing 2019 ASB Presidential Candidates

Ashton Blackwell has lived in the city of Snohomish his whole life but did not attend Snohomish High School his freshman year. He went to a private school in Everett and switched to SHS at the start of his sophomore year. Blackwell has two siblings: one a freshman at SHS and one who is a sixth grader at Riverview Elementary. As a freshman, Blackwell placed for DECA state and has recently placed again his junior year as well as winning Area 1 DECA presidency. READ STORY »

SHS Alumni Becomes National Figure on New Televised Athletic Competition

SHS graduate Bridger Buckley from the class of 2014 was shocked and amazed to discover that he would be one of the first competitors on the new NBC televised large-scale physical competition The Titan Games featuring celebrity Dwayne Johnson. READ STORY »

These Kids Will Get Your Goat

The school year has barely started, and the Snohomish FFA students have already served 40 hours of combined community service at the local New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary, with the latest visit being this past Saturday. READ STORY »

Key Club Collects Phones for Solidiers

Senior CADD Student Places Second in National Digital Design Contest

Top 6 Ways to Help Your Cold

Variety Show: Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Lights, camera, ACTION! The Variety Show was earlier this week, which is where many talented people go head-to-head to win the right to perform in the annual Performing Arts assembly.  This year 15 students were chosen to compete. From singing to stand-up comedy these students performed in front of an almost full house.

Before the show many participants said they were nervous but overall excited. Sophomore Riley Yeoman and senior Morgan Marshall hosted the event, bringing a humorous script to the already abundant talent onstage. READ STORY »

Presenting the 2018 Candidate for ASB Treasurer

 The ASB election assembly took place today, January 19, and there will be many candidates to choose from, but many people do not know much about them.

Meet junior Emma Lever. Being the one and only candidate for ASB treasurer, Emma has been inspired to run for this ASB member position since a ASB trip she took during the summer of 2017. The responsibilities of a treasurer, like the name implies, include managing the money distribution across the school. They make sure the clubs and sports get adequate funding throughout the year. READ STORY »

Presenting the 2018 Candidates for ASB Secretary

Snohomish High School class elections are here, and it’s time we know a bit more about who’s running. Candidates for our student body secretary are juniors Kenzie Utt and Junior Jenna Baker, two seasoned ASB leaders. These two women both participate in extracurricular activities and have a very good reputation in our school. Teachers love them, students want to be friends with them and colleges are looking for them. READ STORY »

Presenting the 2018 Candidates for ASB President

The 2018 ASB presidential elections are here, and the candidates juniors Javon Hinton, Chyanne Kienitz, and Elle Everett are filled with nerves and excitement about it.

For Hinton, being president would be a dream come true. He’s been preparing for this moment since his freshman year, and he’s ready to give it all he’s got. In order to win this election, he plans to use relationships. He believes that “being a leader is being someone who meets the legitimate needs of others before their own.” READ STORY »