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Senior Power Wins Annual Powder Puff Football Game

For the fourth year in a row, SHS senior girls take the win during last night’s Powder Puff game with a final score of 27 to 8.

The tradition of Powder Puff began around fifteen years ago and has become a favorite part of homecoming week ever since. All the money generated from Powder Puff goes to the junior class.

“The biggest reason we are doing Powder Puff is because it is a fun activity,’ said SHS PE teacher and junior class advisor Len Bone. “Girls really enjoy playing football. It’s under the lights; it’s something they normally don’t do.”

Starting in late September, the participating girls from the classes of 2019 and 2020 were given the opportunity to practice for the big game. Both teams opted to commit to more than the required two practices, with the juniors attending 6 sessions while the seniors held 8.

“We taught the girls the plays,” said senior Langdon Orgill, who was the head coach for the senior team. “We made sure they knew what they were doing.”

For the third year in a row, the boys of both competing classes supplied the cheerleaders. Suiting up in borrowed official cheerleader uniforms, senior Javon Hinton and junior Ashton Blackwell led the guys in energizing the crowd with drums, pillows, and their own interpretation of how girls act.

The first touchdown was scored by senior Delaney Kaysner in the last eleven seconds of the first quarter. Taylor Khorrami scored an additional three touchdowns for the seniors. Her 95-yard dash across the field that resulted in the fourth senior touchdown was the highlight of the night.

Junior Gracie VanAssche also put points on the board as she scored the only touchdown for the class of 2020.

At the conclusion of the game, the girls upheld the Snohomish tradition of singing hail with their respective graduating classes.

“Definitely! For sure,” junior Grace Flitsch said when asked whether she would participate in Powder Puff next year. “It was really fun and all of the girls getting together was really cool.”