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Environmental Club hosts Waste Management

The Environmental Club had special guest speaker Alexis Alloway come to SHS on Thursday the 8th to speak in depth on the challenges of getting people into recycling.

Alexis is the Waste Management school recycling assistant coordinator. She compared recycling to remembering that incredibly long title that can seem like a daunting task at the first go. Many people do not know what is allowed to be recycled and often do not know where to start. Others seem to think that since their peers do not participate in recycling, there is no reason why they should. Alexis made a point to explain that in reality 90% of households are now recycling. She also promoted “positive peer pressure” to get others involved in the act.

Alexis had the club play a true-or-false game with recycling-based questions and many of the answers shocked the students. One startling fact was that thirty-three percent of the garbage in landfills could have been recycled. That is huge, especially considering that we cannot get rid of this garbage. The only method of avoiding this widely-used tactic is through incineration. The problem with this, Alexis explained, was that incineration essentially caused even more pollution to be put into the air.

The students gained a lot of information of which will help prompt them into action. One student Conner Whyte, a senior, suggested that "We should start adding recycling bins to the senior section at lunch so it’s more convenient." The talk by Alexis really helped motivate students and we all look forward to more environmental awareness being brought to our school in the upcoming months.