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Presenting the 2018 Candidates for ASB Vice President

ASB elections are one of the most exciting and competitive times of the year at Snohomish High School, with this year being especially unprecedented as there are five junior candidates running for the same position, which in past years has not been common.

One of the most important roles in office is vice president. Not only is the “VP” the president’s right hand person, he/she is in charge of overseeing all of the school’s assemblies that take place throughout the year with help from ASB leadership.

One of the five following candidates will soon take on the responsibilities of representing Snohomish High School. We interviewed each candidate individually to get an inside look on what the position means to them.

Isabel Anderson has been involved in leadership since seventh grade. She has been a senator for three consecutive years as well as serving as the junior class treasurer this year. Anderson claims that winning the election “would mean a lot” because “it has been [her] goal since seventh grade to get an ASB position” in her senior year, and now is her chance. Even if the odds do not turn in her favor, she believes that “whatever happens, happens for a reason,” and no matter what, she “just wants to be able to help people.”

Rachel Groome sees ASB as an opportunity to “try to make the school better in your own way.” Winning the election would be a big deal to her because “next year is [her] senior year and [she] just wants to make sure [she] leaves the school making a difference.” One thing Groome plans to achieve as vice president would be to “change Tolo to a themed dance because we already have homecoming for a formal."

Sara Minogue has been in ASB for a total of two semesters throughout her high school career and decided to run for vice president as “a way to reach [the] students” of SHS. As “VP”, Minogue wants to “give [the] students more input on assemblies and the things [ASB] does,” rather than just having ASB make all of the decisions for the school.

Gracyn Schell is currently serving as the junior class vice president. If elected as ASB president for the 2018-2019 school year, Schell wants “to be someone who is a bigger figure in the school, and someone who people can come to.” She has been inspired by not one specific person, but “everybody who is involved” in the school.

Kade Dorning feels as though there is a lot of unseen talent at SHS that, if elected as vice president, he intends to recognize. Dorning has been involved in group speaking through assemblies. From emceeing a boys' basketball game half time show, to speaking to middle schoolers at Centennial Middle School regarding athletics, Dorning has had a passion and drive for being a leader and "changing people's lives for the better."

Each candidate has agreed that each of their opponents have a fair chance at the election, and that each person brings something different to the table with their own strengths and weaknesses. No matter the results, the candidates feel honored to be a part of such an exciting time here at Snohomish High School.

To vote, visit, with your username being your first name and last name separated by a dot, and your password being your six-digit student number.