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Presenting the 2018 Candidates for ASB President

The 2018 ASB presidential elections are here, and the candidates juniors Javon Hinton, Chyanne Kienitz, and Elle Everett are filled with nerves and excitement about it.

For Hinton, being president would be a dream come true. He’s been preparing for this moment since his freshman year, and he’s ready to give it all he’s got. In order to win this election, he plans to use relationships. He believes that “being a leader is being someone who meets the legitimate needs of others before their own.”

Hinton hopes to achieve many goals if he receives this position, but his biggest goal would be to make kindness normal. He wants to create a school where “people feel welcome and accepted by others [and] where being kind isn’t viewed as foreign or uncommon.” Hinton “values everyone’s thoughts and opinions and wants them to be heard”. He wants to make sure everyone has a voice by “listening to ideas and providing feedback.” Hinton truly and deeply cares for everyone at Snohomish High School and he believes that he is a very strong presidential candidate.

Everett is very passionate about becoming president, and if she gets the position, her main goal is to make a positive difference at Snohomish High School. She believes that she has the motivation and dedication to do it. She plans to win this election by “[staying positive through the halls,” and leading by example. Everett is very confident in herself but if she does not become president she plans on running for senior class. Everett wants people to share their voices and believes that “everyone has their own personality [and] everyone has their own self.” She wants the students to know that “if anyone needs someone to talk to, [she] will be there.” Everett loves “tradition, spirit, smiling and being a leader,” and she vows to “make Snohomish High School a place where everything and everyone is happy.”

Kienitz is very motivated to take on the position as president if elected, and she hopes “to make a positive influence on others and continue helping to enhance the positive culture the current ASB officers have created.” She sees herself as a very outgoing and positive person and she believes that this will help her campaign. She wants to “add on to what the current and past ASB officers have created and continue to help people to feel more involved by listening to their thoughts, ideas and needs.” For her, being president means being a positive role model to those around her and she would love to be able to “talk with other schools and listen and see what they do to get their students involved.” Kienitz wants the students to vote for her because she is “the type of person who is selfless and puts other people’s needs before [her] own,” and she “would lead the school with enthusiasm and motivation to make the school a brighter and better place.”

All three candidates for the ASB president position show great leadership qualities and dedication for this role and no matter the outcome of the elections, Snohomish High School will receive a president who will bring many positive and new ideas and will leave the school a better place.

To vote, visit, with your username being your first name and last name separated by a dot, and your password being your six-digit student number.