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Music During Passing Period for Snohomish High School Winter Spirit Week

The bell for first period rings on Monday, December 8 and the students of Snohomish High School are met with a familiar tune over the intercom. "Baby it’s Cold Outside" plays to fit the schools "bundle up" spirit day.

"It's the first time we had tried something like this" says ASB President senior Wyatt Watkins. It was a student driven idea, taken in charge mostly by activities director Vince Ivelia's third period "Engage" team.

They were met with a relatively mixed bag of reactions, which they anticipated. They knew it would be difficult considering the fact that it is involuntary music which had to be meticulously chosen and played by ASB students. Watkins said, "We got people who would walk down the hallway nodding their heads to the beat of the song... and [others] who said that the music was terrible," but the various reactions weren't discouraging for the ASB.

The Snohomish High's ASB are already planning, and anticipating new and inventive things to do for future spirit weeks. While the way they had done it was makeshift and sounded a bit like an old record player, they truly believe that they can make new, refreshing ideas become a bit more routine for Snohomish High School spirit weeks.