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U2 - Songs of Experience Review

When U2 released a brand-new album on December 1, people quickly jumped on it. However, is the album worth the $11.99 price on iTunes? U2's new album "Songs of Experience", which happens to be a companion piece to their previous album released in 2014, "Songs of Innocence", has received critical acclaim, which must automatically make the album a big hit, right? Well, sadly "Songs of Experience" does not live up to the band's previous albums.

"Songs of Experience" is not a terrible album by any means, but, the flaws within the album should not be ignored. Every single track sounds the same, and it does not do the album justice that the instrumental of each track is very generic and forgettable.

Not all aspects of the album are worth scrapping the music entirely, however. Lead singer Bono as always has done a fantastic job performing the lead vocals in the album. However, Bono's singing is the only spectacular thing about "Songs of Experience" worth mentioning.

All things considered, "Songs of Experience" is not the greatest album in the world but it is far from the worst. The album can be called decent at best, but anyone that is a hardcore fan of U2 would love "Songs of Experience," especially if they loved "Songs of Innocence".