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SHS Becomes a 3A School

Snohomish High School is going to transition from a 4A down to a 3A school, while its sister school Glacier Peak is moving up from a 3A to a 4A starting in the 2016-2017 year.

The WESCO WIAA reclassification has changed the regional and state tournaments, and the teams that will be competing against each other. The WIAA reclassifies every two years.

“I don’t like it,” says SHS junior Isaiah Roetcisoender. “At least for football, 3A is way more competitive. They have schools like Bellevue."

Snohomish was just on the line of either maintaining a status of 4A, but due to a small freshman class of 2019, they opted to become a 3A school.

Snohomish coaches held a 13-4 vote to move the school to a 3A school.

“It’s no different other than playing against schools of like size,” said SHS Athletic Director Mark Perry. “In the short term, it’s just going to be different. Long term, as in three-to-four years from now, it will be as if it never happened. The school will know what we think we are.”

“[Even though we are moving to a 3A school, athletic college scholarships will be] no different," said Perry. "They look for athletes. And they know where to find them, whether it’s a 4A school or even if they’re in the B schools.”

Snohomish, along with Everett High School, will be moving to WESCO 3A South.

“Competition remains completion,” said Perry.